Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sky Watch Friday - Aerial Antics

The cloudscapes have been so beautiful every day this week, it makes it hard to choose from the dozens of photo's I have taken.  But on the 26th we had a really gorgeous day, after a week or more of stormy weather, a gorgeous blue sky, lots of different types of Cirrus, and the sky became an aerial playground with both commercial traffic and fighter planes.  So this week it is Contrails and Cirrus.
Click on any photo to enlarge.

 On the 27th a Microlite appears overhead
 What is wrong with this pic - taken at High Noon on the 28th.
It is the bluest blue sky and CLOUDLESS, almost unheard of here.
My darling hubby suggests those of you with children should
print this one out and let the children decorate it..!

And finally, on the 27th. another beautiful Sunset

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sky Watch Friday - Inconstantia

My chariot
The time for preparing for another Sky Watch seems to have come round again rather quickly, and having had my computer crash two weeks ago has not made life any easier.  I am having to share a computer at the moment, but thankfully I have a flash drive which has been a real help, a lot of my photo's are already on it, and I can download the latest ones to it.  This past week has seen big changes, from blue skies, cirrus and cumulus to black storm clouds and lightning, to dramatic and gorgeous sunsets.  Unfortunately I didn't capture any lightning.  Click to enlarge photo's.
 Banks of Cumulus over Swinton - 17.09.11
 Cumulus over the Vale of Pickering - 17.09.11
 The Sun going down on the 18th.
 Oily sky over Swinton Sports Centre - 19.09.11
 #5 in Sunset series for the evening of the 20.09.11
 #8 in Sunset series - 20.09.11
 #16 in Sunset series - 20.09.11
Sky over Pickering Castle Curtain Wall today 22.09.11

 More photo's of Pickering Castle ruins on
 'Jackie's Random Pics blog'
next week on Our World Tuesday

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sky Watch Friday - Variations

A varied selection of photo's taken over the past two months, click on photo's to enlarge.

 Man cloud walking
 Big Bird on Cloud
 Wings of Cirrus
 Altocumulus and bird
 Zoomed in on bird in previous photo
 Hazy Sun seen through Altostratus
 Sunset reflections in greenhouse glass
A glorious Sunset is a beautiful end to the day

Sky Watch Friday
for cloud and skyscapes
from around the world.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Sky Watch Friday - Stormy Skies

It has been a very wet and windy week here, with some spectacular dark rain clouds  mixed with patches of beautiful blue revealing high Cirrocumulus.  All the photo's here were taken from the road running through our village within the space of no more than 10 minutes.  Click on photo's to enlarge.

 An eye in the sky
 Clouds rolling in from the South
 Looking to the South-West
 Looking a little threatening
 but beautiful to the North
 the Sun makes an attempt to break through
 but it is getting darker by the minute
Rain drops are falling on my head,
time to scarper!

For more photo's from around the globe
go to:

Sky Watch Friday

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sky Watch Friday

More beautiful clouds, mainly of the Cirrus varieties, they paint some gorgeous patterns across our skies.  Though the first photo is one my husband took about four years ago, of an oval ring cloud, I don't know if it was the remains of a 'fall streak' or 'hole punch' cloud.

Fallstreak Hole...Maybe?

Cumulus over Asda

Cirrus uncinus feathers

Cumulus and Cirrus over Malton

Sun about to set over the village

Sunset in Black and White

Beautiful Cirrus over Swinton

Sun shining through black rain cloud

And what happened here! - I caught the sun in the lens and WOW ' Cirrus and Cumulus fractus in glorious technicolour.  Weird, but I rather like it.

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